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Washington, D.C.

Educational institutions

We are an international marketplace to search for and publish offline, online and video courses. We help students to quickly find, compare and purchase courses, and educational institutions - to attract students.

Benefits for business


Free publication

You don’t pay for registration of organization and courses publication.

Access to sales statistics

The purchase data is available in the organization’s account.

Unlimited publication of video courses

Store your video lessons and trade them via TeachMePlease. Upload a video, add a description, set a price and privacy settings.

Proper course description

You don’t know what your course description should look like? Advertisement pages will help create a clear and attractive description of the organization and its courses.

Payment widget

Do you have a website? Implement a payment widget on it and your students will be able to pay for their courses online easily and quickly. The widget will become available after you register and create courses on TeachMePlease.

Online course payment

Create courses on TeachMePlease and give your clients the opportunity to pay for them in just a few clicks.

Fee-based publication

Additional features to attract students
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Media advertisement

We’ll create an efficient advertisement to fill your classes with students
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We attract students so that you don’t get distracted you from teaching!


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