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Educational institutions

Московская школа визажистов Mosmake
1 course
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Массажи Мира
5 course
Bez imeni 1
2 course
Design  1
4 course
Школа китайского языка "Ориенталист"
1 course
Многопрофильный учебный центр "КИТС-Г...
15 course
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1 course
Logo 2
Учебный центр Континент Красоты
4 course
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Школа Активного Мышления Ильина
3 course
ЧОУ ДПО "Международный институт фотог...
1 course
Детский центр Билингвята
2 course
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«Международная Академия Экспертизы и...
96 course

About the service

  • Ent about 1
    TeachMePlease is a platform for those who want to learn, and those who can learn
    We represent the base of educational institutions, online and offline schools, as well as various training programs, from group development classes for children to individual sessions with a coach.
  • Ent about 2
    Learn from anywhere in the world
    The zone of our presence allows us to be anywhere in the world and find a teacher, trainer or educational institution not only at the place of stay, but also in the planned trip or business trip.
  • Ent about 3
    Courses for all tastes
    We strive to meet all current trends and requests, therefore we offer a wide range of training programs for all ages and all desired destinations. Any registered user who has become our client can leave your feedback, so we form a 100% honest rating of educational institutions, schools, teachers and students.
  • Ent about 4
    Simple and convenient
    The main goal of the TeachMePlease team is to create a quality site with a simple and convenient service for each of our customers. Registering for TeachMePlease to search for training, as well as for placement of an educational institution, private teacher, course or master class - for free. The commission is charged only for actually sold courses through our service.